AutoVent For Green Houses


Product Code: AV00001
AutoVent For Green Houses
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Product Information

Greenhouse Autovents
An auto-vent opens and closes a hinged vent automatically using
energy from the warmth of the sun or the surrounding air. The hotter it gets, the wider it opens the vent.
Adequate ventilation is one of the most important aspects of
greenhouse growing and our autovents take the guesswork out of this all
important operation, ensuring accurate, continuous venting 24 hours a day.
A Strong metal tube contains a mineral wax which expands with heat . This pushes a piston which opens the vent via a balanced linkage .
As the temperature drops the wax shrinks and a strong stainless steel spring closes the vent and resets the piston.
Autovents are suitable for both wooden and aluminium windows and frames and the wide range available means that even if you require an autovent for a windy location or to lift heavy double glazed
conservatory or greenhouse vents, we have an autovent to suit your needs.

Corrosion resistant construction
Balanced lifting action
Illustrated fitting instructions
Customisable designs
Alternative finishes and colours
Manufacturer's Guarantee

The XL is our budget unit, a clamp on unit suitable for lightweight
windows in a reasonably sheltered position.

The Mk 7 is more robustly manufactured than the XL and will lift a
slightly heavier window. It is a bolt on unit suitable for wooden
windows up to about 6.5 kgs load weight.

The triple spring unit is exactly the same as the Mk 7 standard apart
from 2 extra springs. This unit will therefore give an extra closing
force of about 6 1/2 lbs - enough to shut a window that is vertically
hung, and will keep a vent steady on a roof in a more windy position.

Both the Mk 7 and the Mk 7 Triple Spring are silver anodised but we can
supply them in white, dark brown, dark green, light green or black for
a slight extra cost. Please ask the office on 01159 254506
Please note all prices are subject to change without notice.