Eco Slate Tile

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Eco Slate Tile
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Product Information

Eco Slates are made from 95% recycled plastic and, in turn, are fully recyclable at the end of their life. They have many uses from new build houses to sheds. Similar in look to natural slate, once installed, they naturally seal to each other creating a wind and rain proof roofing system.
The beauty of using this product for a roof is that the one slate can be used for all details, so there is no need to buy extra products to suit ridges, hips or gullies, the slate is bendable and can be used in all these areas.
The installation process is very simple as the slates are fitted straight onto plyboard or oriented strand board (OSB), no roof battens are required, a standard breathable underlay and then nailed down in two places using the relevant size copper, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised nails: it’s that easy.
Features & Benefits
  • Quicker & easier to install
  • Ideal for low pitches
  • Self – bonding
  • Lightweight
  • Recycled & recyclable (plastic)
  • Class “A’’ fire rated (BS476..Part 3)
  • No breakages
  • 50 year non-prorated warranty
  • No maintenance (no moss or mildew)
  • No waste
  • The slate is flexible & can be used for ridges, valleys & caps
  • Adds better insulation to a roof than traditional slate
  • Un-breakable, cannot be vandalised, Class 4 impact rating
  • Cuts with a knife or snips
  • Easy to install with roof windows or solar panels
  • The slate is designed to withstand winds of 110mph

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New Information on Tile Below - for information purposes

16 Slates to a Box
16 Slates covers 1 Meter Squared Exactly The Eco Slate is slightly longer Reduction in the number of slates required per metre.

On the 3 pitch variables, the number of slates per m2 will change as follows.

1. 10>14 degrees reduces from 22 to 19 slates per m2
2. 15>19 degrees reduces from 19 to 17 slates per m2
3. 20>45 degrees reduces from 17 to 16 slates per m2

Reduction in box quantity. (Packaging change)

Description  Size (mm)  Colour  Per Pack  Ref Price* EDT Qty
Eco Slate Tile 305 x 440 Grey 16 EC00001
Eco Slate Tile 305 x 440 Old World Red 16 EC00002
Please note all prices are subject to change without notice.