Corrugated Bitumen Onduline Mini Sheet


Product Code: CO010029
Corrugated Bitumen Onduline Mini Sheet
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Product Information

Material Uses
Roofs for

Agricultural Buildings
tough lightweight corrugated roofing material manufactured from bitumen saturated organic fibres available in four aesthetically pleasing colours: black.

Economical and resilient : tough and long lasting
Environmentally friendly : free from asbestos and non-toxic, a 'green' roofing option
Coroline is resistant to environmental factors such as most aggressive vapours i.e. ideal for animal houses
Waterproof : guaranteed waterproof for 15 years
Strong yet light in weight
Simple to handle and install
Compatible with most commercially available construction materials
Good workability : simple to fix using nails, caps and washers
Excellent heat insulation
Good sound absorption

Onduline Mini
Sheet Size :2000mm x 866mm
Cover Width :768mm
Thickness: 2.6mm
Sheet Weight: 5.8kg
Material Weight:3.4kg/m2
Corrugation: 24mm height /48mm width
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